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Genre: Action / Biography / Drama / History / Thriller

Rated: PG-13

Runtime: 2h 11m


Have a local business? Want to advertise with us?

$500 A Year
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We rotate your slide with all the other sponsors 5 seconds!
Every Showtimes!

Our advertising package includes two ways to reach potential customers:
Listing on our website with a link to your website
Billboard type ad shown on our screen before every movie

Theatre Screen Advertising

The Theatre shows screens of billboard type advertising before each movie showing. The theatre shows at least 10 movies a week (not including special events) with a range of 50-150 people at each show.

In order to offer you huge value and exposure we are limiting the number of advertisers we will accept so the ads can rotate in a timely manner and the average movie goer will see every ad before the movie starts.

That is a potential reach of 78,000 people in a captive audience seeing your ad every year!

We are reorganizing how we show the slides to maximize the benefit and value to every advertiser. We want to ensure that your ad gets shown in the rotation before every movie. In the past we felt that we may have had too many slides and too many advertisers to adequately show all of them.

We are including the added benefit of featuring your business on our website with links to your website!

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1 Slide (shown for 8 seconds) Every Showtimes!

Movie Screen Ad Image

Think Billboard for this image!
When designing your image, please keep billboard advertising rules in mind. Short, to the point, minimal words. Include your logo, phone number and website address. If you need help with this, we can help you design your ad so that it has all the right information and sends a powerful and clear message.

Screen shots for adverting must be submitting in a jpeg format with the following dimensions: 1280px X 1024px Reasons for using the correct dimensions in a jpeg format include: Your billboard ad will fill the movie screen completely Your add will be clear Your font sizes and images will not move around It will eliminate the need for PowerPoint formatting and will look more professional. Here are a couple examples of effectively designed ads that will grab the viewer’s attention: